Beauty in Our Pain

It is beautiful to know that even throughout our pain there is Beauty. 

As we read thru the bible, we find all these ordinary people like you and me who transformed thru their struggles into beautiful and amazing individuals. 

When we invite God, He can heal our pain, whether small or big. He can use us in ways we never expected.   Below are a few beauties we experience in our pain:

  1. We learn to lean in – “Be Still” – listen to God’s voice and his desire for our lives’. We learn to rely and depend on his goodness.  We allow his plan in our life, which is better than ours, to be fulfilled.
  2. We grow in wisdom – Growing requires us to step out of comfort zone – it’s not easy!! We are being stretched and alter into what God is making us.  We are in the hands of the potter and being transform into a stunning vase.  We become wiser, resilient and more like our heavenly father.
  3. We help ourselves help others– We are not alone in our struggles.  So many people are in the same situation we are in – which helps us relate better.  As we grow out of, those difficult situations, we can help others do the same.  God promises us that we are not alone and that he is always with us.
  4. You become brave – God walks with you in your struggles. Whatever it may be. He’s there.  He’s listening, and he wants to fight for us.  As you rest in Him and put all your trust in him, he’ll make you brave.  You will no longer sit in fear but overcome your obstacles. 

Hope you find comfort in knowing that God is with you always. He is using your pain to help you become a better version of yourself. Don’t give up because greater and bigger things are coming your way. Amazing and Beautiful things are in store for you.


Dear God, May I find the comfort and strengthen I need to overcome my current situation. Help me always know that you’re working in me thru the struggles I face. Help me see the beauty in the midst of it all and step out in faith to overcome my fears. Don’t me lose heart, but may my inner self be renewed day by day. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

2 Corinthians 4:16

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